Action in the Community

We believe in a THREE PILLAR STRATEGY to influencing elections:


  • Engage voters who are already registered but uninspired.
  • Think of it like transferring your energy to inspire someone else.
  • Make the number advantage of registered voters we already have turn into engaged & participating voters.


  • Registering voters via personal interaction encourages voter participation.
  • Key Demographics SWING elections!
    • The youth vote, the Black vote, and the suburban vote are critical to flipping N.C. 

3. Campaigns and Canvassing 

  • Donating to key races and candidates are key to flipping elections
    • especially when you're up against a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR ad campaign funded by a Republican PAC
  • Volunteering for campaigns, especially ones in at-risk or battleground districts, helps put more boots on the ground
  • Canvassing involves spreading awareness on a one-on-one basis about a multitude of issues, not just candidates
    • Canvassing the community around issues that matter to them and introducing them to the candidates who stand for it is vital 
    • Canvassing should be done via existing and established organizations who already have the legality, process, and tools to succeed